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Eco-friendly Denim Fabric

Article No.:SKYF8428

Product Description

Article No.:SKYF8428

Collection:Sustainable denim

Composition:64%Cotton 35%Repreve 1%Spandex

Color:Sulfur black

Weight:10.2oz before wash / 11.8oz after washed

Full width:58/59"

Shrinkage:2-4% / 12-14%

Weave:3/1 Z twill


Warp: Siro spinning cotton yarn dyed in Sulphur black

Weft(Fill): Repreve core supn yarn

Features: Eco-friendly denim, Comfort stretch, Crosshatch


Corespun Yarn: A yarn in which a base yarn is completely wrapped by a second yarn.

Crosshatch: A unique type of denim that shows a square grid-like pattern in the weave. It is created by mixing uneven yarns in both the weft and warp directions.





How does Repreve Work?

1st.  Recycled bottles are collected and chopped


2nd.  Chopped bottles are ground, melted and reforumulated into Repreve Chip


3rd.  Chips are then melted and extruded into Repreve recycled fiber


4th.  Fabric is made from the fiber and eco-friendly products are created

denim fabric production_9.jpg


By Using Repreve into the fabric, it come with Cotton-like handfeeling, comfortable fabric blends superior performance with cotton-like softness so your clothes won't shrink, wrinkle, fade or pill.

More Benefits:

-Soft, lofty hand

-Easy care and ready to wear

-Yarns dry more quickly than natural fibers, saving energy

-Less processing needed (such as fabric brushing or sanding)

-Combines well with other proprietary additives or finishes for additional benefits

- Who We Are -

(A fabric manufacturer & innovator in Foshan China)


- Denim Fabric Manufacturing Process -

(Slasher Dye)

Bobbins - Direct Warping - Slasher Dyeing - Weaving Beam

 - Fabric Weaving - Post-finishing (Sanforizing/Desizing/Mercerizing) - Finished Fabric Rolls


- Quality Control -

We are strictly managing the fabric quality, every single meter is inspected before packing, as customer's satisfaction is our first priority. If needed, Four Point System is welcome to be applied on our fabric inspection.

Four Point System

Defects Size
Penalty Points
Defect ≤ 3cm1
3cm < Defect ≤ 6cm 2
6cm < Defect ≤ 9cm 3
Defect > 9cm4

*Total defect points per 100 square yards of cloth are computed and therefore, the acceptance criteria are usually no more than 40 penalty points. Fabric rolls containing over 40 points are considered seconds.

- Our Services -


Fabric Customization:  

Sample lead time: Less then 5 days with ready warp yarn, 10-15 days for customized color

Ready Bulk:  

No minimum order quantity, delivery within 12 hours

Free Samples Available:  

Provide sample hangers without any charges for our existing customer, International express charges is needed for new customer

Faster & Reliable Express & Shipping Service:  

Contracted with express & shipping services, most reliable, faster delivery

- Container Loading -



Container SizeEstimated Loading Quantityy

Production Lead Time

20ft22,000 Metersless than 27 days
40ft40,000 Metersless than 31 days
40HQ45,000 Metersless than 35 days

*This is the estimated loading quantity only, the actual loading quantity depends on the thickness & width of the fabric.

Need sample yardages for testing? Please contact us on the following email:


+86 180 2927 0687 info@skylinetex.com 18029270687