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Fancy Knitting Fabric Knit fabric manufacturers

Aug. 01, 2020

Knitted denim is a kind of denim, but denim made by knitting has better elasticity than woven fabric. Knitted denim adopts knitting weft knitting method, using bundled dyed indigo, blue plus Knitted cheese such as black and sulphur black is implemented on a large circular knitting machine to produce clothing fabrics with washing and fading effects. Its varieties mainly include small fish-scale terry, large fish-scale terry, thick and thin twill terry, raised twill terry, plain jersey and so on.

Fancy Knitting Fabric has better elasticity, feels softer than denim, and is comfortable to wear. This is the advantage of knitted denim. Because it is knitted weft knitting, the use of different functional fibers is a major advantage of knitted denim. In addition to conventional cotton, cotton-polyester, and cotton-polyester spandex, the knitted denim produced by most companies also absorbs perspiration, antibacterial and deodorizes. , Anti-ultraviolet, warmth and other functional characteristics. You can achieve the desired style of clothing through washing, fading and discoloration.

Fancy Knitting Fabric

Fancy Knitting Fabric

Color knitted denim fabrics can be produced in various colors according to different formulas, which completely solves the problem of the single color of knitted denim fabrics. The color knitted denim yarn is dyed from the outside to the inside, and the cotton core is white. It has pullability. The more washing times, the more layering and patina effect. This is the most essential difference from ordinary denim fabrics.

Various styles of knitted denim

Clothing using this fabric can use denim washing and knitting washing to show the style of denim and the elegance of knitting. Since 2005, it has been very popular among users in the market. As time goes by, people's clothes become more personalized, which is also a business opportunity for various new fabrics. In the second half of 2009, many clothing brands are trying to introduce knitted denim designs!

Knitted denim is not just about fabrics. Many well-known denim brands use it in the design of denim. Knit fabric manufacturers believe that the direct application of such fabrics in clothing will inevitably drive knitting. The rapid development of fabrics shows that knitted denim is full of vitality and vitality.


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