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Denim fabric post-finishing processes

Jun. 04, 2020

Why finishing denim fabric?

Finishing of grey denim fabric takes an important role in fabric properties, appearance, softness and residual fabric shrinkage.

Finishing of denim fabric is carried out for several purposes, and it can vary according to the specific requirement of
customer. This process is needed to remove dust and hairiness from grey denim fabric with the consequent application of softeners and chemicals necessary for its wet finishing operation.The line includes the weft-skewing
process and pre-drying before the sanforizing process which will guarantee to fabrics a real dimensional stability
complying with the highest international standards of lab controls. In addition to shrink-proof results, denim fabric
will acquire softness and a nice finishing surface aspect.

Sanforizing processing:

1. Entrance frame for feeding denim in rolls arriving from looms or on A-frames

2. Double brushing and double beating for cleaning thefabric

3. Double burner singeing (remove dust and hairiness)

4. Double beating after singeing process

5. Possibility to split the singeing and finishing process 

6. Wet finishing process for the application of finishing liquor in an uniform and deep application 

7. High tension unit for stretching and weft-straightening process to prevent the twisting of denim 

8. Drying with rollers

9. Clip tentering placed in front of the shrinkage unit 

10. Compressive rubber belt shrinkage

11. Cooling process on denim fabric before the delivery of fabric 

12. Plaiting solution at the exit of the line. Alternative solutions are possible. 


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