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US CottonInc SS21 Trending Conference

Oct. 16, 2019

On October 10, 2019, our R&D department staff went to the HNA Westin Hotel in Guangzhou to participate in the annual trend conference of American Cotton Company. Learn about fashion trends in the apparel industry.

Here are the main contents of the conference:


To cope with stressful lives, we focus on relaxation. Increasingly looking for tactile experiences in a hyper-digital world. Caring for the body, developing delightful hobbies, and enjoying the fun of its creative process.

Emotional shades are soothing and vibrant. The combination of white tones and tan provides a tranquil foundation for a wonderful neutral palette. Bright pastel colors gently inspire and awaken inspiration. Use rich colors, enhanced textures, and serene patterns to express calmness and balance.



In social media and design, we see the fascination of desert-inspired images and lifestyles. The charm lies in the rugged natural terrain and the mysterious attraction of the vast sky. Seek to escape reality and explore the heart, explore the universe ideology and embrace the spirit of freedom with an open mind.

Based on the colors of the sun, the palette presents the fragrance of earth and charming energy. The rosy and terracotta colors of the desert sunset complement the dim lavender. Mineral green tells the story of color, and the sublimation of emerald and sky blue adds a feeling of lightness. This story is highlighted by fabrics with natural dyes, basic structures, and hippie-style prints and patterns.



The dark dystopian perspective has evolved into an imaginative, optimistic, problem-solving mentality that helps us gain a foothold in the face of an uncertain future. Use scientific and technological efforts to find innovative alternatives.

A palette full of artistic appeal and expressiveness. A balance of teal and dark honey, lilac and pink optimism, exhilarating neon green, mysterious purple and alert orange.



The emergence of this trend reflects the constant bombardment of images and information we experience every day. Gradually, everything began to blend together. The constantly blurred time frame and digital and reality create a visual mashup that inspired this trend. A set of colors inspired by digital and vibrant colors. At the bottom of the palette are the faded colors. The entire palette has gorgeous visual effects. Unexpected colors combine seamlessly in a non-disjointed way.


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