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Classification and Features of Denim Fabrics (Part 2)

Aug. 29, 2020

2 Performance characteristics of denim fabric

Custom denim fabric made in China depends on its raw material composition, yarn characteristics, organizational structure, weaving method and other factors. In particular, finishing plays an important role in the characteristics of denim fabric.

This kind of compact yarn is used as warp yarn, the sizing rate can be reduced by 50%, and the post-finishing singeing process can be omitted, which can save resources and reduce pollution. The combination of physical and chemical or finishing will make the appearance style, mechanical properties and wearing comfort of denim fabrics have great changes. General denim fabrics can be divided into three categories: light, medium and heavy. Light cloth weighs 200 ~ 340 g/m", medium cloth weighs 340 ~450 g/m', and heavy cloth weighs 450 g/m. "the above.

3 Market characteristics of denim fabrics

3.1 Denim fabric consumption characteristics

When buying denim, the average consumer is not clear about the fabric, denim style, and washing quality. They usually focus on style and price. In fact, it is not clear to talk about consumption without the style of denim, fabric texture and processing quality, and it will cause obvious consumption misunderstandings. Generally, when buying jeans, it is recommended to consider the styles you like on the premise of suitable version, exquisite fabrics and exquisite workmanship. Many classic denim brand clothing and styles are relatively simple, and even considered to be ugly and outdated, but because they have done a good job in the internal quality of the shape, fabric and processing, after wearing these clothing, the noble temperament is Can be reflected. In addition, consumers should pay attention to the cost-effectiveness of products, excessive pursuit of cheap junk products or superstitious foreign brands with high prices but not superior quality are very immature.

Custom Authentic Denim Fabric

Custom Authentic Denim Fabric

3.2 Characteristics of my country's denim fabric market

In recent years, my country’s denim industry has developed rapidly, product structure has been continuously upgraded, technical equipment has been continuously improved, and production and export competitiveness has been continuously improved. Denim fabrics have inherited traditional classics, rough and bold styles while pursuing diversified colors and personalized fashion. The continuous innovation of denim fabrics not only meets the different needs of consumers of all classes, but also brings new vitality to the denim industry. Denim products are an important part of the cotton spinning industry. The products cover a wide range of products, including spinning, weaving, dyeing, It is a deep processing industry that uses a variety of equipment to complete 4 processes.

Usually the quality of custom authentic denim fabric refers to its inherent quality, which has nothing to do with the brand and appearance. The grade of denim products is mainly determined by many aspects such as fabric texture, pattern design, lathe level, washing process accessories, marketing environment and so on.

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