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AW19 -SS20 Denim Fashion Trend

Nov. 07, 2019

Denim is closely related to our lives and is widely used, from fashion, art to interior decoration. Because of its versatility and plasticity, many denim products have become a collection. The 2019/2020 spring and summer denim fashion trends focus on color and texture structure, with double-sided jacquard, dyed cloth, printed denim and other representative products.

Jacquard denim

Article Numbers: SKDH03

Ingredient: 55% cotton, 35% polyester, 10% cotton

Color: Indigo (front) + pink (back)

Weight: 9.8 oz

Width: 66/67 "


The emergence of this trend reflects the ever-changing variety of images and information that we experience in our lives.While the fabric style is full of vitality, the entire color palette also has gorgeous visual effects.


Printing denim:

Article No.: SKHL748

Composition: 97% cotton, 3% stretch

Color: black and white plaid print

Weight: 8.4 oz

Width: 56/57 "


This series of printed products integrates the digital world and the physical world through black and white checkered printing patterns, highlighting the innovative mashup effect. The combination of high-cold tones is soothing and vibrant, and the combination of black and white provides a tranquil foundation for the wonderful neutral color palette.


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