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Who We Are

Denim Fabric Manufacturer

SKYLINE Textile is a fabric manufacturer located in the famous textile town Xiqiao, China. Our woven fabric mill is a family owned business started from grandfather’s generation since 1990s, until now, it has been growing into a big mill with 35,000 square meters, equipped with more than 200 weaving machines and 18 inspection machines to process denim yarns through finished fabric.

Nowadays, the global fabric market has been changing a lot compared to 30 years ago, we always keep learning and developing ourselves to be more competitive in this diversified market, we developed more product lines including woven and knit fabrics.

To provide customers with innovative and market-driven product and services ,our design team is focused on finding new concepts, new materials, and new technologies. Also, we’re trying our best to make a positive impact on the world, environmentally friendly products have been the priority in our development trend lately, our collection is comprised of constructions using recycled fiber and sustainable components. This collection is constantly evolving and growing to reflect our commitment to the environment.


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